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Cybersecurity Training

Speaking The Language (STL -101)

This self-paced online training speaks to the fact that different groups of professionals seem to have a language all their own. If you can speak the “language of the discipline”, you will have greater confidence and acceptance by Cybersecurity professionals. At the end of this lesson, you will immediately be able to understand and demonstrate your newfound knowledge of the language and cyber skills!

This course will take you approximately 4-6hrs to complete
During this course you will learn:
Understanding Kaplan's Depth and Complexity Chart
Introduce the concept of “The Language of the Discipline”
Relate foundational terms and lexicons used in cybersecurity to the physical community
Understanding patterns or repeated factors of ideas and events impacting the cybersecurity community – Emerging Trends,
How to address “unanswered questions”
Practical Exercise – Students will be introduced to using cyber terminology using the complexity and depth model
Interdisciplinary connections – How to use cybersecurity terminology across physical and cyber-physical domains.
Provide “context” of ethical behavior and unethical behavior – cyber-speak vs. hacker/attacker speak.
Provide “context” of industry buzz words that demonstrates you are “cyber – conversant”

  • Speaking the Language Pre-Test Review
  • Speaklng the Language - Introduction
  • Speaking The Language - Think Like a Cybersecurity Pro
  • Speaking The Language - Patterns and Symbols
  • Speaking the Language - Lesson 1 - Knowledge Check
  • Speaking The Language - Lesson 2
  • Matching Cybersecurity within the discipline - Lesson 2 - Knowledge Check
  • Speaking The Language - Lesson 3
  • Speaking The Language - Lesson 4
  • Speaking My Language - Lesson 5
  • Practical Exercise - Language of the Discipline
  • Speaking The Language - Cybersecurity Terms courtecy of ISC2
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 1 year